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Turku Free Zone Company; a reliable business partner for secure warehousing needs!

With our multifaceted and extensive premises, spanning nearly 30 hectares, storing goods temporarily or for a longer period of time is effortless. We store both declared and undeclared cargo. Customs expenses for undeclared goods are handled when the goods are retrieved from the warehouse. In other words, customers can pick up and have the cargo declared in batches. The same principle also applies to alcohol shipments. We have no time limit for reclaiming undeclared cargo.

Our aim is to find the best and most cost-efficient warehousing solution for our customer. We also provide multiple kinds of cargo handling services and a real-time Extranet warehousing tool. This way our customers can invest their resources in more important areas, while we provide efficient logistics services.

We do not ask for long-time commitment from customers or have them sign contracts constantly. We operate flexibly and consider the customer’s needs. 

Turku Free Zone Company warehouses are located on a guarded field area. Large and small goods alike are kept safe and secure against vandalism. Temperature-controlled warehouses are perfect for products that require a specific temperature all year round.

Storage capacity:

  • Storage fields 230.000 m2
  • Temperature-controlled warehouses 10.000 m2
  • Unheated warehouses 10.000 m2
  • Refrigerated warehouses 2.000 m2
  • Alcohol warehouse (tax-free) 1.000 m2
  • Food warehouse 3.000 m2
  • Special warehouse space* 7.000 m2 

*includes PDI operations services for imported vehicles, a paint shop, and import servicing of tractors.