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Turku Free Zone Company in the past and now

Turku Free Zone Company (Turun Vapaavarasto Oy) started port services support operations 50 years ago in 1964. The company was founded by Oswald Hermansson. The initial storage area comprised one third of today's. At that time everything had to be cleared through customs, and the area had its own customs officials. In the evenings watchdogs were let loose to patrol the area.

Time passed, the storage area grew and the operations got bigger. Finland’s membership of the EU and the changing bureaucracy has naturally also impacted the operations of the Turku Free Zone.  

These days the customer doesn't even need to come to the premises with the goods that need warehousing. Rather, everything can be done remotely. If the customer wants, they can warehouse a container without clearing its contents through customs. The goods can then be cleared when the consignment is collected. It is a big saving for our customers. Over time, customs clearance has become electronic, as well as monitoring technology which has replaced the watchdogs.

Despite all the changes, we develop our operations continuously. Our starting point is always to be a professional and safe partner to our customers.

Turku Free Zone Company today:

  • Total area 280,000 m2
  • Storage fields 230,000 m2
  • Heated warehouses 10,000 m2
  • Unheated warehouses 10,000 m2
  • Refrigerated warehouses 1,000 m2
  • Alcohol storage (tax exempt) 1,000 m2
  • Food storage 3,000 m2
  • Special warehouse space* 7,000 m2

* includes space for PDI operations for imported cars, a paint shop, and import servicing of tractors