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The multifaceted warehousing services and the extensive storage capacity of Turku Free Zone Company provide our customers with an easy and efficient way to store goods temporarily or for a longer period of time.


We serve each customer according to their warehousing needs. Whether it be valuables, foods, undeclared alcohol, a vehicle or construction materials, a place for storage can be found in one of our many versatile warehouses and field areas.

Cargo handling

We unload and load cargo, in other words we can handle all stages of the product if the customer so requests. Handling cargo safely with our modern equipment is our number one priority.

Recieveing of goods

By customer’s request, we can report inbound cargo as well as ship cargo. Handling is carried out efficiently, even if the customer is half the world away. With our Extranet service, customers can monitor the status of warehouses and shipments anywhere, anytime.


If you need forwarding or transportation services, we can recommend efficient businesses in these fields.

We always aim to find the best and most cost-efficient solution for our customers. This way they can better invest resources in more important areas while we provide them with efficient logistics services.

 Our goal is to always find the best warehousing solution for the customer.