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1. Unheated warehouses are used to store various raw-materials, boats, vehicles as well as industrial materials and shipyard components.
2. Heated warehouses are suited for electronics and products requiring dry facilities.
3. Refrigerated warehouses (+6 °C) provide storage for foods and other products that require a low temperature all year round.
4. The main office is open on weekdays between 7:30 and 16:15.
5. The food storage is kept at an optimal +12–15 °C all year round.
6. Supplier. Import servicing of agricultural machinery operates on Turku Free Zone Company premises.
7 & 8. PDI service for imported vehicles is conveniently located right next to the vehicle fields.
9. Our vehicle logistics services are precise and dependable.
10.  RVs and trailers are stored in a guarded, secure area.
11.  Project cargo, such as wood, metal, wind farms, ship components, forestry machines, boats and construction supplies are stored on our large area.

Our company is located approximately 13 km from Turku Airport and right near the Port of Turku. We are easily reached by major thoroughfares.